Strategically aligned leadership development programs

 Want to improve Leadership Effectiveness?



75% of leadership programs don’t work: that is, they don’t achieve the behaviour change and results uplift promised. At HFL, our 25 years of experience and innovation track record will help you ensure your programs are in the 25 per cent that work brilliantly. Here’s how.   


 Want to retain and motivate millennials (and millennial leaders)?


As the new workforce approaches work, organisations, career growth, and leadership differently, you need new approaches to retain and motivate them. HFL has established the regions’ most successful re-imagined leadership development program. Here’s how. .   


 Want to build talent pipelines with ready-to-perform leaders?



Developing emerging talent – and retaining them – is a key objective for many of our clients. We help organisations shape holistic initiatives that combine talent identification, assessment, development, and retention together.

Here’s how.    


 Want to improve the effectiveness of your experts?



If you are interested in energising, retaining, and getting much greater value and commitment from your subject matter experts, you’ve come to the experts. Our programs in ExpertshipTM are world first and world class, and available all over the world. Here’s how.    


 Want to supercharge the effectiveness of your virtual teams?


The data is clear – leading a virtual team is three times harder than leading a collocated team. HFL has developed a unique virtual leadership capability framework that helps your virtual leaders, and their teams, deliver the astonishing results your organisation needs.

Here’s How.   

 Want to provide high quality, integrated executive coaching?



Executive coaching, at all levels, delivers excellent leadership development results. HFL is expert at matching the right coaches to the right leader, drawing from 25 years experience, and a region wide coaching network. Here’s how.    



Inchcape Australia

Inchcape Australia, part of Inchcape PLC the worlds largest automotive retailer and distributor, made a strategic decision 18 months ago to use an innovative, small group coaching solution to develop 44 front line leaders.

  
The High Potential Trap

Are your high potential programs unwittingly motivating your hi-potentials to leave? How could this happen? Here’s why, and here’s what to do about it.

Why Talent Reviews of subject matter experts are awkward

For many Australian companies, July is Talent Review time. Firms using the 9 box grid to assess the potential of their people leaders, have a problem: they have to lump SMEs into the technical stars box, and that makes talent discussions with them very awkward.

     

THE 5 Golden Rules for Effective Business Cases

How to get your HR initiatives seen as a priority


A FREE 30 minute Webinar  was conducted Tuesday 29 August click here for the recording


In our conversations with HR leaders, we often hear people say that a particular initiative is exactly what the organisation needs to achieve its objectives, but senior managers just don’t get it and they’re not willing to sign it off... More>>>


Emerging Leader Programs

How one company galvanised a generation. Here



Leadership in Action

How action learning projects triple skill development and retention. Free download


The 8 Principles of Small Group Coaching

Pod style learning takes off, but the coach needs to learn new tricks. Here


Securing the best candidate.

Beyond best practice is next practice. What do ahead-of-the-game strategies look like?



HFL launches new company Expertunity Here



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