Mastering Expertship

Mastering Expertship is the world’s first development program on Expertship. The program shows subject matter experts (SMEs) how to leverage their skills beyond their domains, by better engaging with their colleagues and the business.

Developing your SMEs is one of the best investments your business can make. More technical courses are not the answer. Most experts are already very proficient in their area of expertise. What they need, and what the business needs, is to develop their skills in other areas.

These capabilities go by many names – leadership skills, people skills, communications skills. Whatever they are called, they are about enabling experts to expand beyond their area of expertise and make a greater contribution to the organisation and to their own professional careers.


This helps the business grow, and it helps experts grow by providing them with growth and development opportunities and a clear career path.

Many organisational development teams are already aware of the need to help experts with something more than just further training in their area of specialty. Trouble is, there hasn’t been much available. Now there is. Help them develop their Expertship through HFL’s  Mastering Expertship program.


Mastering Expertship is a unique program that:

  • Is specifically designed to help good experts become even better experts, and add enhanced professional value to their organisations.
  • Receives rave reviews from those who have attended. Individual program have received Net Promoter Scores of over 80 (which is, if you are not sure, extraordinary).
  • Creates a cohort of engaged, energised, development-driven experts who are motivated to add more value to your organization, share their knowledge willingly, and be a positive force for change within their teams.


How do you develop experts who already believe they are as expert as they can be?

To ensure experts embrace the program, we have designed it around delivering sustainable behavioural changes that enhance the expert’s organisational contribution and actively supports them through their development journey.


The program contains four elements:

  • One to one coaching with an accredited Expertship coach. This helps the expert shape their initial Personal Growth Plan, then assists in the deployment and embedding of new behaviours.
  • An intense, executive level immersive, experiential, participant-driven workshop, that allows experts to do a deep dive into Expertship, and explore opportunities to add more value professionally. We have developed the HFL Expertship Model Model to underpin this learning experience.
  • A 360 degree survey called Expertship360 provides the participants with rich feedback on their current impact as an expert. It identifies strengths to build on and opportunities for adding greater value.
  • A direct integration back into their role, by involvement of their manager in shaping their Personal Growth Plans, including a post-program check-out to assess impact.


The program runs over six months. For a more detailed view of structure, content, and results, please download the Mastering Expertship promotional deck here.


For feedback about this program from participants, listen to this audio. Note the audio will reference K-Leader, this programs previous branding.




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