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The program that is the leadership development front line leaders actually need, delivered how they want it.


The world of adult learning is going through a huge transformation, and no where is this clearer than among frontline leaders. Now predominantly millennials, they want to learn and lead differently, this program is design by millennials for millennials.


Executive Coaching

Inchcape Australia, part of Inchcape PLC the worlds largest automotive retailer and distributor, made a strategic decision 18 months ago to use an innovative, small group coaching solution to develop 44 front line leaders.

How do small group coaches produce brilliant results? By applying principles developed by FASTLEAD coaches over the past two years, that have lead to sustained success in small group coaching Pods.


Induction and Onboarding

You lead the people and culture strategy, one that requires the human components of your organisation to be able to deliver on strategy. Among these human components, frontline managers are a critical group.


Induction and Onboarding

How did the creators of FASTLEAD – a curriculum based small group coaching development program for front line leaders – decide that conventional two-or three-day leadership workshops weren’t working for front line leaders?

Induction and Onboarding

Today’s new workforce demands a multi-layered, multi-platform learning experience, and they want it fast. During three years of development, our FASTLEAD leadership development program for front line leaders has perfected six layers of learning.

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