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Expertship is what subject matter experts do.

We help them do it better.


Subject matter experts (SMEs) are becoming more important to modern organisations. As business becomes more complex there are more of them than ever before.

They are also difficult and costly to replace. They need to be motivated and engaged.

The new term many are now using to describe what experts do is expertship. Expertship is about much more than technical expertise – it is about involving them more with the business and leveraging their expert skills.

Many subject matter experts are typecast as techies. They are often seen as having a few skills outside their area of expertise, with a less clearly defined career path than colleagues who are ‘people leaders’.

This is an outdated and counterproductive view. The Master Expert rises above this level. Our Mastering Expertship program uniquely focuses on developing experts, and on developing Expertship. It is the ideal development platform for SMEs.

Managing Experts

Our Journey to Expertship

What is Expertship

We all understand what leadership is – the art of leading teams of people and organisations. But it’s time we recognised the contribution subject matter experts make to reinventing our world, and to acknowledge what it is they do. We call it expertship.


Our Journey to Expertship

We’ve changed the branding of our flagship development program for subject matter experts – K-Leader. We have now renamed the program Mastering Expertship and here is why...


Talent Reviews

For many Australian companies, July is Talent Review time. Firms using the 9 box grid to assess the potential of their people leaders, have a problem: they have to lump SMEs into the technical stars box, and that makes talent discussions with them very awkward.


The Geek Gap

As organisations rely more heavily on their technical infrastructure, technical experts – or ‘geeks’ as they are sometimes referred to – are having a growing influence on how businesses operate. The issue is that, despite these people being in critical roles and very difficult to replace, they are often left sitting outside the formal leadership structure.

Capability framework

There exists, in many organisations, a ‘Great Talent Divide’: plenty of resources, frameworks and support for people leaders, but little or none for technical leaders. A newly developed knowledge leadership framework for technical specialists is the answer.


SME Experience

It had been a complete mystery to most as to why they had been ‘sent’ on a leadership program. But on completion of the K-Leader program, these much overlooked professionals enthusiastically shared some very important insights.

Expertship Experience - Nigel

Meet Nigel, a sales and digital marketing expert, who sees his core value being the deep, expert advice and services he provides to others in his client businesses. He doesn’t leader people but leads a specialist knowledge domain. Here’s his K-Leader experience.


Super Charged Experts

Experienced specialists who are thinking about coming on the K-LEADER program commonly have a critical question that is in their minds: what would this program teach me that would be worth the investment in time? Here’s the answer!


HFL commences Expertship multi-client open programs most months of the year. Click here for upcoming programs and registration.


Or call our team on  1(in Australia) 300 360 691  or (outside Australia, for Singapore and Auckland programs) +61 2 9927 3000 to find out when the next program commences in your city.


Understanding Expertship



Understanding Expertship



Expertship Participant Guide

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