Tactical, Affordable Out-of-the-Box Solution for Front Line Leaders, Supervisors, and Team Leaders

FASTLEAD is a compact (six month), accelerated, experiential, curriculum-based group coaching solution that can be deployed for two or more front line leaders within a week of signing up.


Developed by HFL, FASTLEAD offers Line Managers and L&D departments a highly effective tactical, ‘just-in-time’ solution for front line leaders who:


Are new to the role, perhaps leading for the first time


Have been in the role for a while but are struggling;


Are about to be promoted into the role of a front line leader.


The curriculum-based coaching program comprises 13 topic areas, and covers the leadership fundamentals all L&D professionals would expect to see in the program.


FASTLEAD’s design provides a highly affordable solution.


Fifteen HFL clients started using FASTLEAD as a solution within six months of us launching the program (in July 2013), and more clients join the program every month.

For more information please visit the FASTLEAD website ( Or contact us.


What are the development needs of front line leaders?


What are the things more experienced front line leaders wish they had known when they got promoted?




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