Virtual Leadership

The V-Leader framework

HFL has developed a framework of specific tactics to maximise the performance of your team - and help you apply them.


The session activities are clustered to deal with what the literature tells us are the 5 most common problems facing leaders:

Managing competing priorities while isolated

The isolation of team members from the centre, and from each other

The difficulty in building a team when members are physically separated

Effective communication across distance, time and culture

The ability to develop team members from afar


The challenges are addressed, leadership behaviours identified, tools and techniques explained. The sessions cover:

Vividity - providing clarity of v-team purpose, priorities and belonging

Vicinity - creating a v-neighbourhood

Vitality - building a single v-team across multiple locations

Vocality - deploying advanced communication skills across the v-team

Velocity - extending v-team capability across distance


Each explores what specific skills are required and how to create a high performing, virtual team. They are designed so participants can master the specific techniques associated with management of individuals as well as facilitating and running team meetings - without the benefit of face to face communication and body language.


reVision - from framework to practice

Like any behavioural leadership framework, understanding how to deploy skills and techniques, and then practising them is the key to success.


Our work with virtual leaders confirms that managing from afar is three times more difficult than running a proximate team. They universally value the opportunity to look at their leadership settings through the V-Leader framework. It makes them think differently about what is important for them to do, and the process illuminates the impact of their actions and inactions.


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