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When you ask almost 30 coaches which book they most often recommend to their coachees, which books do you think are most commonly recommended? And how many different books are nominated? Are your most valued leadership texts included in the list?


Every now and then at HFL, we have a very good idea. This was one of them. In renewing the coaching biographies of our extensive and highly experienced coaching network across the region, we decided to liven things up a little and ask them to tell us which leadership books they most often recommend as reading to their coachees, and why.


The most commonly recommended books were:


Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott


Good to Great, Jim Collins (and several for Built to Last by the same author)


The First 90 Days, Michael Watkins


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey


However, the list contains a total of 34 titles; including more recently published texts around motivation, core beliefs, executive stamina, leading innovation, building passion, dysfunctional teams, leading change, learned optimism,  body language, and how the brain works.

What a great list they produced. To download the complete list click here.


We would also like to know what your most recommended leadership books are,  so please join the conversation on our blog.


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