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Coaching is one of the most effective leadership development options for most leaders, and is particularly useful for emerging leaders and senior executives. Sessions can address individual development needs. In the case of senior leaders, this can be achieved in a safe, private and confidential environment, where blind spot can be exposed without the senior leaders feeling career or status is compromised.


There is a range of coaching applications:


part of a leadership development program, supporting other learning events;


a stand-alone intervention to help an individual at a particular time in their leadership career;


a remedial intervention, where one or two major derailers are getting in the way of a leader progressing/performing well;


transition coaching, supplied in a more intensive manner during a leader transitioning from one role to another, often a significant promotion; and


group coaching, where an executive coach assists the manager of a team or the whole team in working more effectively together.


HFL provides solutions of each of these development applications, and has been doing so successfully for many clients since 2003. HFL has a fully accredited coaching panel comprising over 50 coaches across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China and Japan. Many of these coaches have been working with us for many years.


HFL’s approach to effective executive coaching interventions, centres around four golden rules:


Deploying the right coaches – HFL undertakes a detailed examination of every coach’s credentials and experience, style and approach prior to adding that professional to our list. We also survey all coachees and their managers every 24 months to check on quality and outcomes.


Getting the set up of the coaching assignment right – proper briefings, clear objectives, successful “chemistry” meetings, agreed check-in points.


Appropriate “illumination” – undertaking appropriate assessments, perhaps psychometrics, leadership styles, 360 surveys etc, and a clear understanding of issues/behaviours that are to be developed, and why; clarity of mandate and what is in it for the coachee?


Clear accountabilities – roles, responsibilities and accountabilities clearly defined for the coachee, the coach and the coachee’s manager.


All systems and processes are fully documented. For example, both the coachee and their manager receive HFL Coaching Guides prior to the commencement of the assignment. HFL believes support and commitment from the manager is a critical success factor, and the managers’ guide provides context and advice to the manager on how to support the coachee through the coaching process.


We have a comprehensive briefing document for clients covering the range of coaching services, our coaching methodology, and coaching processes including how HFL manages all of the project management for our clients. To arrange to receive a copy and a briefing, please contact us.


For our comprehensive guide to effective coaching engagements, “Getting Coaching Right" click here.


We have a more detailed briefing on using group coaching for developing front line leaders, our FASTLEAD service, here.





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