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A State of the Art Sourcing Process with Advanced Assessment

The cost of making the wrong recruitment choice particularly at a senior level in your organisation is very high indeed. Most senior executives and experienced recruitment managers understand the damage to teams and brand, lost opportunity, and sheer emotional burden that usually follows.


HFL assists many of our clients with the assessment aspect of recruitment. In many of our client relationships, we have developed success profiles and performance models, and then used these to form the basis of robust assessment and development centres as part of leadership programs. Clients and recruitment teams quickly see the benefit of then deploying these development tools as assessment tools in the recruitment domain.


Typically, if the assessment centre is pre-built, we can execute assessment centres within 48 hours of the request.


Many of our clients use our psychometric tools (such as GeneSys) to assist in the filtering and assessing process. In some instances, we have helped clients build “success norms” for particular job categories.


HFL can also assist clients with building bespoke recruitment processes using the appropriate  assessment tools in combination. We work closely with recruitment managers to build a process that can be executed in-house, by HFL, or a combination of the two.


If HFL has to rapidly build a new assessment, we can do this because of our expertise and experience in utilising business and leadership simulations.


All of our services in effect apply science to the recruitment process, understanding that evidence shows a combination of simulations and cognitive testing are twice as likely to be predictive of success compared to a typical interview.


Please note: HFL does not act in any way as a recruitment consultancy. If this service is required, we will happily suggest one of several such specialist consultancies with whom we partner.


For examples of recruitment processes we have designed, or to talk to one of our specialist recruitment consultants, please contact us.




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