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We could talk to you about all of our years of experience (we have lots). Or the variety of organisations we have worked in or for (very many). Or provide you with long lists of our hard earned qualifications and accreditations (an exhaustive list).


But we’d prefer to talk to you about our team in terms that our clients tell us are most important to them.


We’re professional. We have and maintain high standards. We operate ethically and honestly and won’t comprise on these values – for anyone. We have the participants’ best interests at heart, always. We take our responsibilities very seriously indeed. We deliver on our promises.


We’re innovative. There is our spirit of adventure, creativity, innovation, and renewal. We want to be better every time we execute an assignment, and we work hard as a team to learn off each other and our clients. We are evidence-based, and conduct a great deal of our own research to valid approaches and impact. We happily and openly share what we have learned with our clients – we are in this together as partners.


We’re business focused. There is our pragmatism. We are in – like you all – a results business. What we propose to you will be what we believe will work best, at the best possible investment point (in terms of both time and money).


The HFL Network


HFL has a core team of full time staff and regularly engaged Principal Associates, and then a wider network of coaching and assessment professionals across the region we serve (Asia Pacific). We also have an international network of like minded leadership businesses around the world with whom we work to deliver globally for our clients here.

Principal Consultants

Dominic Johnson

Dominic has consulted with HFL since 2010. He is a highly experienced leadership designer, facilitator, and coach, with a wide range of qualifications and accreditations.

Dominic has run a large organisation in Europe, and then worked for several professional development and consulting firms. Dominic executes a great deal of executive level coaching, and business consulting, for HFL.

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Alistair Gordon

Alistair has worked full time for HFL since 2007. He is an executive coach, and executive level facilitator. Coming from a business leadership background, he specialises in creating new leadership services, running HFL’s research effort, and managing the business. He works closely with CEOs to help develop strategically aligned leadership cultures that dramatically elevate business results.


Fiona Moore

Fiona is HFL’s Melbourne Director of Client Relationships. She brings more than 25 years of rich experience in leadership development and people management strategies with a strong focus on delivering elevated performance for individuals, teams and organisations.  She has worked globally as a consultant, facilitator, program designer and coach. Combining senior HR and L & D organisational roles with a depth of external consulting expertise, Fiona focuses on client’s key business challenges to co-create the most effective solutions for achievement of strategic outcomes.

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Kirsty Allen

Kirsty is HFL Sydney's Client Relationships Director. Having been an integral member of the HFL team since 2010, Kirsty is passionate about supporting organisations achieve their strategic goals by facilitating the growth of their people. With a degree in psychology, Kirsty manages our psychometric testing services including report writing and delivering feedback to leaders at all levels. She specialises in using our emotional intelligence tool, Genos, and acts as an assessor in selection and development centres. Kirsty also facilitates insights through one-on-one and group coaching.

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Jim Livingstone

Jim has been HFL’s senior representative in Singapore since 2012. He joined our team after holding a variety of senior management, sales and marketing related positions throughout his career; and Jim has worked in various countries throughout the Asia Pacific. He has a solid understanding of cultural diversity, and has called Singapore home for over 13 years. Jim is a highly experienced leadership program designer and facilitator, and coach.

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Associate Consultants

Glen Hancox

Glen has consulted with HFL since 2010. He has a rich background in learning and development, having facilitated workshops, acted as an assessor, is a supreme role player in senior development centres, a highly commended coach, and has used his acting background to develop a wide range of services connected with the development of executive presence.


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Greg Holland-King

Greg’s experience comprises over 20 years working both as a Management Consultant and Organisational Development executive. Greg has been working with HFL for many years as an in-demand senior executive coach, and workshop facilitator. He well-equipped to advise senior executives, regardless of industry and has worked throughout the Asia Pacific basin for multi-nationals and multi-site organisations.

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Jennifer Scott

Jennifer has consulted full time with HFL since 2010, following a long career working for several other leadership and assessment providers. A registered psychologist and master coach, Jennifer delivers a wide range of solutions for our clients. She specialises in success profiling, competency frameworks, and building robust assessment programs. In her spare time she runs action learning sets and building broader leadership programs.

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Heather Forton

Heather has consulted with HFL since 2012. A highly qualified professional, with degrees in Law, politics, an MBA, and a Masters of Psychology in Coaching, Heather is a highly proficient coach, program designer and facilitator. At HFL she has designed and delivered leadership development workshops, undertaken coaching assignments, and has assisted our assessment team with development centres. Heather is an expert in presentation training and coaching.

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Dianne Stewart

Dianne has consulting with HFL since 2010. She is a highly experienced designer, facilitator, coach, and HR generalist, with a wide range of accreditations and qualifications.

Dianne is one of HFL’s most sought after coaches. Dianne is also an accredited FASTLEAD coach.


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Linda Bisnette

Linda has consulted with HFL since 2005. With many years experience working for a variety of professional firms, Linda is a very experienced senior coach, an expert assessor, and an expert leadership development designer and facilitator.

At HFL she has delivered almost every service at some stage of her time with us.

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Cheryl Chow

Cheryl is a registered psychologist who has dual roles as a Project Manager and Associate Consultant. She is also the Product Manager for FASTLEAD, one of HFL’s signature programs. Her interest lies in coaching and working with the front line and emerging leadership population.

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Operational Team

Ken Davison

Ken has been HFL’s Chief Operating Officer since 2011.  With 25 years of commercial experience running finance and operations in growth businesses, Ken is responsible for developing the platforms and systems to support the expansion and success of HFL products and services.  He also manages finance, operations and technology.

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Project Team

Emma Cleary

As our most experienced project manager, Emma has a strong background in client, consultant and project management within leadership businesses.

Emma specialises in managing large scale complex leadership development programs and runs projects for HFL’s major clients.

Emma is currently on maternity leave.

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Sigrid Chambers

Sigrid joined HFL in 2016 with a working background in accounting, finance and HR and an academic background in Business and Psychology. Sigrid is HFL’s Senior Project Manager specialising in running large scale leadership development programs. She is also involved in the organising of assessment and development centres, coaching, accountability loops and all other aspects of project management at HFL.

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