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Companies are challenging the value of annual performance reviews, we think it’s time to take an objective view of IDPs

Every organisation has pivotal roles – individuals who often make an impact well beyond pay grade and tenure.

How expert are your technical experts, and how can you tell? What career paths exist for them, and where are these documented?

Is it possible that developing high potentials via accelerated leadership programs could lead to an exodus of that talent?

Technical specialists need a leadership make over, and so do company policies and attitudes.

Action Learning Projects bring leadership learning to life. And they can have a life of their own!

Emotional Intelligence

 Most people, speak very positively about the importance and value of feedback. So why do so many of us struggle to digest something that we ostensibly believe is so valuable?


There’s No Single Template for Innovation

There are three different kinds of innovation for which all businesses must strive in order to survive.

Template for Innovation

It has been a matter of great debate: Do virtual leaders need to lead differently to leaders who work with proximate (same office) teams?

Once your team has built a performance model or a success profile for the role, can you not be more involved in undertaking the search?

Pschometrics Simulations

The latest research is unequivocal: emotional intelligence is critical for success in most roles in the workplace. And the more senior the role, the more critical a factor it is.

Emotional Intelligence

Less than 10 percent of companies use psychometrics use simulations in recruitment. But those that do, make far fewer selection mistakes.

Pschometrics Simulations

Want to build an effective sales team? Identify their sales-related strengths and weakness using the Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ*Gold®)

Sales People that can sell
The Internal Pitch

The thought of ‘pitching’ may be off-putting to some – it is essentially a sales skill, and selling is something that some are not comfortable with. But it is a critical leadership skill that anyone can learn via coaching.

Ultimate Leadership Booklist

The Ultimate Leadership Booklist

When you ask 30 coaches which book they most often recommend to their coachees ... here's the list.

Emotional Intelligence: The Hard Work Starts Here

What is the most regular question our facilitators are asked by participants at the end of workshops?

Does leading in a matrix take double the effort?

The move to shared service models is increasingly common, but leaders are struggling to adapt.

Leading in the Matrix

Executive X-Factor: can presence be developed?

That certain something that commands attention and respect marks out leaders. Can leaders grow it?


Why Success Profiling Engages Senior Leaders

What are the benefits of building customised leadership frameworks by talking to senior leaders?

Success Profiling

Barriers to Successful Leadership Programs

Fred is an ambitious, extremely conscientious middle manager at a financial services firm...

Barriers to Leadership
Leadership Simulation Exercises

Business / Leadership Simulation Exercises

The four-step process for selecting the right exercises to meet your needs...

Hi-Po, Hi-Per and Hi-Impact – in search of a perfect journey...

Emerging Leaders

The Future of Leadership Development

Leadership Developments New Era: New Challenges, New Approaches...

The Future of Leadership Development

Senior Leader Assessments

The multi-rater goes super qualitative – with major impact for senior leaders...

Senior Leader Assessments

Emerging Leader Programs Best Practice

Emerging Leader Programs What Does Best Practice Look Like? ...

Leadership Best Practice

Transition Coaching in Search of Leadership Leaps

In search of leadership leaps in just 16 weeks ...

Transition Coaching

High impact coaching gets vote of confidence from coaches and their managers...

Executive Coaching Survey

How do you Identify Change Leaders

Identifying and developing leaders of change ...

Change Leaders

Front Line Leader Development

Is double the effectiveness at half the cost possible? ...

Front Line Leader Development

Call Centres Recruitment

Calling the right callers...

Calling the right callers


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