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HFL Workshop Style: “Experiential Facilitation”

There are a vast amount of suppliers across the region who can successfully design leadership workshops for your leaders.


When HFL is asked to explain what makes our workshops different, we can only provide you with an outline of how we approach the process:


We customise – most workshops are co-created working closely with the client.


We discover – design is commenced after extensive discovery activities – going into the field to get to know the organisation, the cohort to be developed, their critical needs, getting to know their managers and the team that they lead. We always undertake validation meetings with key stakeholders.


We involve the whole organisation – senior leaders don’t just sponsor but appear at workshops, managers of participants are heavily involved; sometimes customers are invited to the workshops.


We adopt learner-centric designs – we believe that “the answer is in the room”, and the responsibility of our facilitators is to facilitate learning, not tell participants what to think. All designs have Plan B’s, so that in the rare cases the answer actually isn’t in the room, we can draw on others’ experiences.


Our facilitators all match and demonstrate our values as a business – we respect participants, have a duty of care towards them, are focused on helping them achieve sustainable change and better results as a consequence. Our facilitators are not overly academic, we don’t teach and preach. HFL values.


We believe learning must be fun. We build learning situations that are engaging, interactive, experiential, challenging, engaging, and as a consequence, fun.


We make sure we are real – we build customised, face-valid role plays and simulations that reflect the real situations leaders will encounter in their organisation (generated during our discovery phase).


We evolve – our facilitators are constantly evolving, responding to what is going on in the room, and are prepared to be flexible, to respond to the needs of the group. Often, we need to adjust in the moment – clearly this group already have mastered this area, or conversely, we had assumed competent capability, but the group is struggling, and we need to spend more time.


We devolve – we regularly work with clients to transfer IP and facilitation skills so they can deliver programs HFL has designed and piloted internally via licensing. We regularly run train the trainer programs for our clients.


We reflect – make sure there is enough time after each section of each day for participants to reflect on what they have learned, how it applies to them and their team, and what actions they are going to stop, start or continue to do as a consequence of the learning.


We document – in every program we link learning to specific, documented development agenda that are generated through the workshops.


We hold participants (and their supporters) accountable – by building strong accountability loops into every program or workshop we run.


HFL in the past year has developed 24 x 7 participant support for some of our programs, using podcasts and forums, and downloadable tools to assist in the development of leadership capability.


We’d be delighted to share with you workshop designs and approaches, please contact us.





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