How to retain, motivate, and super-charge the value you get from your technical stars
Leaders of technical teams – whether in information technology, finance, risk, legal or HR – have some special challenges. ﷯Keeping technical stars really engaged is a challenge, particularly if the value of their work is not clearly articulated or visible to the rest of the organisation (typically, technical stars have the lowest engagement scores in organisations); ﷯Keeping technical stars developing – and not just technically, but in terms of relationship building, adding business value, and mentoring – is a challenge because most organisations don’t have a capability framework for technical stars (which makes career planning easier for both them, and their managers); ﷯Getting technical stars to share their knowledge, thereby reducing risk to the organisation, is a challenge because they believe their knowledge is what the organisation values most, and consequently don’t want to reduce their value by sharing. While dealing with these issues, the fourth challenge is to retain these technical stars: they are difficult to replace, and have a wealth of organisational knowledge that would leave the organisation with them. Your three point action plan to super-charge your technical stars: Get technical stars moving again – they need to be developing, focused on improving their own skills and knowledge, increasing their value to the business, and building their self esteem and kudos; Leverage their knowledge for greater organisational value –this means getting them working on high value strategic technical work, which requires them to share their more basic knowledge with others in the organisation; and Turn them into islands of positivity – they have clear career goals, are great team players, are technical people who can successfully interface with the business, their project teams, and become great role models for those more junior. Here’s the fastest way to achieve these objectives Working in collaboration with several clients, our leadership development firm has developed a leadership program designed specifically for technical stars which achieve these three objectives. Don’t just take our word for it. Explore the testimonials on this site from participants (the technical stars themselves) and their managers to see how successful – actually, transformational – this program is. An eight month journey, very competitively priced, K-LEADER (the “K” is for Knowledge) helps those who lead knowledge make a more valuable contribution to the organisation, providing them with direction, development goals, and assists them find the value and meaning in their work. Contact us today to get a more detailed briefing on this break-through new program. We promise you won’t regret it.


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The K-Leader Experience


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