HFL: Innovation is in our DNA

HFL is intensely proud of our increasing track record of successfully innovating in the leadership development domain. We do this with a disciplined focus:


Orange Days – one day a month is dedicated to our consulting team sharing what we have learned with each other, and discussing new challenges posed to us by demanding clients (we love demanding clients);


Green Days – once a quarter we focus on two service areas where we wish to raise the bar, often discussing pre-arranged research and finding ways to apply new insights


Evidence-based research programs – we regularly conduct research among clients but particularly among participants in our program, and also with their managers, to understand what is, and what is not working; what changes are taking place in the workplace that we need to address; what new challenges leaders are facing that we might be able to help with. (We often partner with clients to undertake this research.)


Recently HFL has:


Run a research project on the barriers to successful behaviour change in organisations, a survey of more than 200 participants; this has resulted in us developing our unique HFL Accountability Loops;


Run a research study on managing up, initiated because this challenge comes up so often in coaching sessions. The results of the survey have been incorporated into a new learning module;


Run a research study on the challenges faced by front line leaders. This study of more than 270 leaders has resulted in the development of HFL’s FASTLEAD development program, which is highly innovative and proving very effective;


Developed a new assessment and development methodology for senior executives and their teams, involving structured interview-based 360 surveys, deployed with intensive development discussions and planning;


Further developed innovations in our senior executive development centre methodology, improving the extent to which senior leaders are prepared to embrace both the process and the eventual insights. This is helping many senior HRDs we work with make break through progress with leadership skills of their executive teams;


These research programs take time and money to execute, and our service innovations require us to with clients who are willing to make the effort to find a better way to deliver leadership development initiatives that are even more effective, and cost less.

We welcome contact from clients who wish to participate in our research efforts, or who have research areas they would like us to explore, or who would like to use our advanced research capabilities to undertake research inside their own organisation.


If you are interested in hearing more about our research and innovation efforts, seeing some of the results of some of the research we have conducted, or interested in participating in our 2014 programs, please contact us.



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