Our mission to help 10,000 subject matter experts: can you help?

Can you help us help 10,000 subject matter experts become much more valuable by adding more value to their organisations?
Here’s how we are attempting to do it:

1. Start by completing a unique research project. We want to get a broad response from hundreds of subject matter experts (and the people who manage them) to a survey which explores the challenges, work environment, career pathing, motivations, and frustrations of subject matter experts. 

You can help immediately by completing the survey – which takes 15 minutes, and generates a $7 donation for every completed survey to the Fred Hollows Foundation, a charity that helps cure preventable blindness in many countries across the world. You could even win free coaching sessions from our expert coaches. 
The link to the survey is here.

2. Widely circulating, for free, a summary of the data. We will use the results from the research study to bring attention to the opportunity for employers around the world to invest in expertship programs. We’ll do this is two ways – offering free summaries of the results to anyone who wants them, and promoting the main themes through a range of articles across social media.

3. Offer direct assistance to experts, for free. We’ll also use the research to create a number of “self-help” articles for subject matter experts via our website. These articles will be available for free. 

Why does this all matter?

Firstly, it matters a lot. There are hundreds of thousands of subject matter experts who do not get the growth and development opportunities they deserve because they aren’t “leaders” – that is, their organisations don’t regards them as leaders because they don’t lead teams of people. 

Yet their work is often mission critical. They don’t get given the nurture they need to progress their careers, and increase the value they can bring to their organisations and colleagues. Our mission is, in 2018, to help 10,000 subject matter experts get access to development materials, free of charge, to help kick start this growth journey. 

Here’s how we need your help

A. If you are a subject matter expert in IT, risk, HR, engineering, finance, science, marketing, medical etc – please complete the survey by clicking on this link. 
B. Once you have completed the survey, we are asking every subject matter expert to share the link with three other SMEs. The greater the number of responses, the deeper and more accurate the insights, and the more compelling the data will be to convince organisations to provide growth opportunities for their SMEs. This is a change for good!
C. If you are a leader of subject matter experts, please complete the survey. And feel free please share this post with your own subject matter experts.
D. If you are in HR, organisational development or L&D, you may well be a subject matter expert (so please complete the survey) or if not, then please mention the survey to someone who is. Email them this url.

We’ll close the survey on December 23. But don’t put it off, please action it as soon as possible, because you’ll forget, and we’ll miss out, and that means many of the 10,000 subject matter experts will miss out.

For more information on how experts miss out on development opportunities, read this article.

For more information about this survey please email us at

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