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We’ve been coaching executives for 25 years, and we’ve got pretty good at it.


With a coaching network that includes Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra, Auckland and Wellington, our 35 coaches can deliver what you need when you need it, at all levels – from senior executive coaching, to small group coaching for front line leaders, to important transition coaching deployments. HFL has developed the right network, the right system to manage the coaching, and the right processes to ensure that all stakeholders – the coachee, the coachees’ manager, and the client– get measurable results and great value from assignments. Request our Guide to Effective Coaching now.

Induction and Onboarding

Getting coaching right isn’t as easy or as straight forward as it might seem. Getting an excellent result every time requires process, commitment, and an investment in time as well as money.

Induction and Onboarding

What’s the difference between mentoring and coaching? Can they work together? And what are the desperate downsides to poor mentoring program set up?  Today’s best leadership development programs exploit both...

Executive Coaching

Do coachees genuinely find coaching highly impactful and helpful? Do their managers? What is it about leadership coaching that is most impactful? What isn’t? HFL’s annual survey of coaches provides the answers to these questions.

Ultimate Coaching Booklist

Our coaches got together to produce a list of the books they most often recommend to coachees.  Take our quiz: if you guess 10 out of the 25 chosen by our coaches, well shout you a free book of your choice from the list!

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