A Guide to Managing Experts

How to engage and lead technical experts

As the world’s premier provider of expertship programs, HFL knows a thing or to about what makes technical subject matter experts tick. Managing a team of highly technical experts is a significant leadership challenge. It requires specific skills and context and frameworks. In this series of articles which we commit to expand in the coming months, we’;ll share what we believe is best – and next – practice when managing technical subject matter experts.


The scope of “technical experts” covered is large – from IT, legal, engineering, HR, marketing, risk, finance, treasury – the principles described in our articles apply to all categories of  technical professional contributors.


How to engage and lead technical experts

Do you manage a team or division of experts – people known for their deep technical capability but not for their commercial or people skills? Sometimes they bring this on themselves, by not engaging with stakeholders in the most effective ways...


How to get your experts connecting

It’s a major challenge for technical specialists to get organisation/business savvy. As their leader, here are three suggestions we have found work well, can be promoted by you, but take almost no time at all.

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