Gold standard assessment tools for recruitment and development

HFL is a distributor of the GeneSys, a web-based tool offering an array of psychometric assessments in a range of languages and norm groups. GeneSys enables organisations to quickly and cost-effectively gather a complete picture of the latent abilities and preferences of employees and recruitment candidates. These can then be mapped against job competencies and other benchmarks of success, such as Success Profiles, Competency Frameworks, Position Descriptions, and so on.


HFL’s GeneSys clients utilise the tool in their organisations in order to:


Recruitment - personality: Make informed recruitment and development decisions by discovering current or future employee’s underlying abilities – such as the propensity to be resilient, adapt to change, be innovative and execute strategy.


Recruitment – values alignment: Build the future of the organisation by selecting the right people that will suitably align with the core competencies, values and current and future needs of the business.


Recruitment – motivators: Increase engagement of their people by understanding their drivers and values.


Development - Inform development planning; leveraging existing strengths and working on development areas.


Development and profiling: Create ‘ideal profiles’ that differentiate higher and lower performers in the role. These are also used to benchmark existing personnel or future recruits into the role.


Development – customised norm groups: Generate organisation-wide or role specific norm groups to compare recruitment candidates to the current, or desired, standard of the organisation.


Development - 360 degree surveys: Produce customised and cost-effective 360 degree assessment questionnaires and reports.


HFL uses GeneSys extensively in many of our leadership development initiatives, helping existing or emerging leaders to understand their natural personality preferences better, and to understand how and who they impact – both positively and sometimes negatively – on their leadership “brand”.


GeneSys Accreditation Courses


HFL runs a three-day GeneSys accreditation course for HR or L&D Professionals to administer, interpret and provide feedback for assessment results.  The accreditation course is usually tailored to the audience, so we encourage attendees to bring real life job descriptions, role competencies or feedback examples onto the course so that they can practise interpreting results in the context of their organisation. GeneSys accreditation offers:


Accreditation in the 15FQ+ Personality Inventory, cognitive reasoning assessments (verbal, numerical and abstract) and a number of other GeneSys assessment tools.


Complete access to your organisation’s own GeneSys platform.


The knowledge to administer the right assessments for the right roles (and collect the right information about your candidates).


The freedom to set up, administer and score assessments at your own demand.


Free upgrades to the system – including new norm data, assessments and features when they come available.


Unlimited technical support from HFL.


Permanent access to candidate information where results can be used for recruitment and development decisions.


Access to the full range of GeneSys assessments.


The ability to create your own norms, ideal profiles and 360 degree assessments.


Whilst HFL’s main approach is to equip our clients to self-sufficiently use the system, we recognise that there are times where some organisations may be time-poor or prefer to ‘leave it to the experts’. HFL also provide a bureau service and can produce bespoke reports on your behalf.


Our fully trained Consultant Psychologists will be happy to explain GeneSys to you in detail. In the first instance, please contact Kirsty Allen in Sydney on +61 2 9927 3000 or click here to email her.



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