How do small group coaches produce brilliant results? By applying the following 8 principles

Small group coaching (team coaching)

HFL have developed the following 8 principles for our coaches who execute small group coaching in our FASTLEAD pods.


The principles are describes as headlines below, and a full description of each principle sand the behaviours associated with it are available for free in the download available here.


Principle 1 – Make the learning applied

Fastlead punch line: if the learning doesn’t get applied, then we have failed to deliver against our objective.


Principle 2 – Why before the What and How

Fastlead punch line: knowing why they are doing something significantly improves the likelihood the participants will actually do it.


Principle 3 – Establishing response-ABILITY

Fastlead punch line: Participants need to operate inside their sphere of influence, and focus on things they can do to make a difference; they must avoid a defeatist mindset.


Principle 4 – Equivalency of effort

Fastlead punch line: The design is about collaborative learning. The coach has the responsibility to ensure that this environment is in place in their pods.


Principle 5 – The answer is in the room

Fastlead punch line: This is coaching not mentoring. There are no prescribed right answers. We want participants to “discover” their own truths and their own solutions. Building their confidence that they can find the right solution “on their own” is a critical success output of the program.


Principle 6 – Generative questions are key

Fastlead punch line: Fastlead is not a teaching and preaching design. It’s organic, exploratory, and owned by the participants. As their coach, we assist learning and problem solving.


Principle 7 – Real Play it

Fastlead punch line: A key principle of Fastlead is that practice in a safe environment builds confidence and capability. Plus, we need not only to help participants practice in the coaching pods, but help them learn how to practice outside the pod.


Principle 8 – Be the change we are trying to create

Fastlead punch line: Whether you like it or not, you’re likely to be a key role model in their leadership journey for a long time to come (well after the sessions have been completed). You will either show them the power of coaching, exploration, and collaboration, or instill a sense of dependency that will hold the participants back for years to come.



© 2016 Harbour Future Leaders Pty Ltd, creators of Fastlead.


Additional Notes

These Fastlead Coaching Principles were authored by Dominic Johnson and Alistair Gordon, and work-shopped and refined by the February 2016 Fastlead Coaching Accreditation group.

The internal Fastlead principles document contains additional sections, which describe in detail the required behaviours and techniques coaches need to adopt in order to deliver on these principles. If you would like a copy of the extended principles, please contact Alistair Gordon



Fastlead can only be delivered by accredited Fastlead coaches, who must pass through a two-day accreditation program. The Fastlead network has accredited Fastlead coaches in every capital city in Australia, and also in Singapore.


For more information about what makes Fastlead different, click here.

To download our latest compiled research among front line leaders, click here.

To request a case study on one of our clients who has recently developed 44 front line leaders through the FASTLEAD program click here



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