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Just in time, any time, online: the way millennials want to learn

learning portalWhile face to face encounters with leadership coaches and business mentors are very important elements in any frontline leadership program, the new millennial cohort have learned much of what they know via digital and social channels.

A learning portal is a critical asset in today’s frontline leadership programs - 24x7 access, focusing on bite sized chunks of learning via video, forums, audio and visual artefacts.

These are time consuming to build and costly to maintain - which is why more and more HFL clients are leveraging the FASTLEAD frontline leadership portal to support their programs.

All participants in the FASTLEAD program have 12 months access to the portal, and a range of self-paced learning modules.

During the FASTLEAD program we encourage frontline leaders to use dead time – such as commuting time or while waiting for meetings to start – to deepen their understanding of numerous leadership topics by either consuming the content on the learning portal or by taking one of three tests.

The learning portal has 14 resource centres, each focusing on content that supports one of the FASTLEAD learning modules. For example, the Managing Up Resource Centre includes content from Peter Block, Harvard Business School, HFL Research, Forbes, the FASTLEAD team, various business newsletters, white papers from research companies, and videos featuring a range of consultants and leadership gurus. The resource that has one of the highest hit rates is 10 Tips for Managing a Micro-Managing Manager.

Contact Kirsty Allen, FASTLEAD Learning Portal Curator, here to explore your options.


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