The Secret Sauce: Getting your 2018 Strategy Executed

Frontline management courses

As an HR Director, you had a seat at the table when current organisational strategy was forged. You lead the people and culture strategy - one that requires the human components of your organisation to be able to delivery on strategy.

Among these human components, frontline managers are a critical group - typically making up 60% of your leadership group. Frontline leaders directly supervise 4 out of every 5 employees. click here for related article. It is the frontline leadership who must: motivate and direct their teams to execute strategy; do more with less; become more customer centric; and innovate.

Given the role frontline managers play, how they feel about the senior leadership team, and how much conviction and understanding they have of the organisation's strategy, hugely influences the way they lead their teams. If engaged, energised and skilled, they lead their team to successfully execute strategy.

So how do you energise your frontline leaders?

We all know that a glossy PowerPoint deck describing strategy isn't the way to engage leaders.

What frontline leaders crave is personal development.

Frontline leaders want to feel prepared in their first leadership role. This is becoming even more important now that the majority are millennials, and are leading millennials who have a strong desire to grow and learn new things.

Yet, despite their influence within their organisation, research suggests that only 1 in 10 frontline managers get appropriate leadership development support. What's worse is that less than a quarter rate their frontline leadership development program as high or very high quality, Click here and frontline managers that do get training tell us they don't like the way it's delivered. Click here

What type of development is going to make the difference?

Traditional, classroom-based workshops - which are heavy on theory but light on practice, and involve lots of listening versus doing - are less and less appreciated by frontline leaders. Rather than being offered generic advice, frontline managers tell us they want programs that offer customised, timely support that will help them solve immediate management problems they face today.

And many organisations are realising that this personalised, collaborative development approach doesn't need to be more expensive than traditional event-driven approaches. For the same or a smaller budget, programs can be designed that reflect the changed needs and learning habits of frontline leaders.

These new models make leadership learning personal, just-in-time, episodic, social and customisable by those being developed. This is the new secrete sauce of front sauce of frontline leadership development.

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