Expertship Coaching
Coaching for subject matter experts

There are lots of coaches for developing people leadership. But coaching highly specialist technical subject matter experts is very much a different skill.

We have developed a framework and a network of accredited coaches to help experts become even more expert.

The world is becoming more complex, and dependence on subject matter experts is increasing. Coaching them and developing them is an imperative.


Traditional ‘people leadership’ frameworks and discussions don’t resonate with experts, who operate in a complex, networked world. They often work on multiple teams with multiple managers. They typically have knowledge and experience that no one else has, which presents challenges for experts who often need to influence complex matters, but without authority.


To coach experts effectively you need a capability framework which they understand and can connect with. Our unique Expertship Framework provides the basis for our accredited coaches to deliver tailored coaching – with the relevant tools and contexts – to ensure experts develop rapidly.


Our coaches have themselves come from expert domains. We match the expert with a specialist coach that understands their world.


For further information about our Executive Expertship coaching, please see here.




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