Executive Presence

Exerting Influence Beyond Authority: Making People Listen as well as Act

Executive presence is an intangible: we’ve all experienced being in a room with someone who has executive presence, but it’s a difficult concept to nail down. One thing is sure: every senior leader wants to have, or develop, executive presence. It is often considered to be a key contributor to leadership effectiveness, along with authenticity, ability to deliver results, and the ability to shape and communicate purpose and direction.


Executive presence is an exotic combination of skills and persona – it is about values, personality, performance, influence, inspiration, articulation, presentation, connection, and drive.


HFL has developed a well researched, unique executed, highly effective series of services that support the understanding and development of executive presence among the leaders of your organisation.


These include:


Workshops – from a one day introductory to a three day intensive workshop exploring what executive presence is, and how to develop it using a range of tools and techniques


Coaching programs – personalised (safe, private, confidential, and comfortable) one to one coaching programs, delivered by specialists in the executive presence field


Combination programs – utilising workshops, coaching, and action learning sets (experiential learning) to help small groups of executives develop enhanced presence.


These development options go far beyond mere presentation skills (although these skills are an important component part of executive). They include exploration of the impact of body language, self confidence, style, values, emotional control and management, relationship building, demeanour, active listening and advanced personal engagement.


For examples of programs, and delivery options, all of which are highly customisable, please contact us.






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