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Inspiring Leadership – and Inspiring Results – Depend on EQ

The business community – and senior leaders – have changed their view on emotional intelligence. Previously dismissive of the concept (and perhaps the way the industry described it), business now typically understands that there is a direct link between how we think, our decisions and behaviour and our performance,  demonstrating that high level emotional intelligence, it is often the difference between ordinary and brilliant results, and – most exciting and important of all, it can be learned. Increasingly, at our programs where we introduce and explain EQ, we are hearing from senior and junior executives alike, that they get the importance, and recognise their shortcomings, and “what can I do about it?”


With a vast array of new research, better publications, and better developed models available, emotional intelligence features importantly in every HFL leadership program. We now have a selection of customised executions on emotional intelligence (of EQ):


Specialised tests – which profile the current level of emotional intelligence, being demonstrated in the workplace, and provides a platform for development in this area; HFL uses a range of instruments that help assess EQ against a variety of models.


Specialised development modules and programs – group learning options from two hours to three days on this specific topic;


Individual developing planning initiatives – helping leaders develop a self directed learning journey around emotional intelligence.


HFL uses a variety of models, but much of our development work uses Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Model to help participants:


Understand the crucial role emotional intelligence plays in their success;


Understand how different people will view the same situations through different lenses;


Consider how they react in certain situations and the impact it has on their own behaviours;

Understand how they can use emotional intelligence to drive the short term and long term impacts they are trying to achieve; and


Explore how they can use it to increase the care and consideration that is being sought by those who they work with.


We would usually start by providing the participants with an opportunity to reflect on themselves and how they are currently ‘landing’ on others. They will also be asked to consider the impact they have as an individual on the business more broadly. HFL’s approach is to design an interactive program, which will push people outside their comfort zones in order for them to be able to grow and develop into becoming better leaders.


For more information about our services in this area, or to view the variety of emotional intelligence profiling tools we use, please contact us.





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