How to make the front line leaders in your organisation wise before their time for $37

Front Line Leadership Development

In these days of massively restricted development budgets, the professional and personal development of front line leaders is a problem for most organisations. They have hundreds, sometimes thousands of front line leaders, with only a few places on development programs. Yes, the front line is usually closest to the customer and where you would want your individual contributors well led, well motivated, and displaying high levels of engagement, all while promoting and representing the organisation’s brand enthusiastically and professionally.


HFL can’t, unfortunately, claim to have The Answer. We wish. However, we can claim to have two possible answers, that when combined with other initiatives already in place in your organisation, might make for an even better solution.


Our first possible answer is our front line group coaching program FASTLEAD, which is both highly effective and inexpensive. The latest data collected suggests that 79 per cent of participants who have finished their first six-session cycle of FASTLEAD would want to renew and complete another cycle. But FASTLEAD does cost a great deal more than $37, even though it is extraordinarily good value if we say so ourselves.


Our second possible answer is a new addition to the HFL service offering – a book. Modestly titled “The A to Z of Leadership Success”, it contains three elements front line leaders really need:


A list of 36 pieces of wisdom, gathered from front line leaders themselves, that together amount to an incredibly helpful guide on the what, and what not to do as a front line leader. Advice that is raw, honest, and news they can use.


Underneath each of these nuggets of wisdom from their peers, are suggestions from the HFL consulting team on how to put this wisdom into action. These are practical suggestions for making their own lives easier, de-stressing, and making their team happier and much more productive.


Lastly, an invitation to participate in HFL’s unique online forum for front line leaders; where HFL coaches provide tips and feedback, with some great questions for front line leaders and, where they can get ideas from their fellow front line leaders.


This remarkable pocket guide for front line leadership is just $37.


And, just to make sure the content matches with the culture in your organisation, we’ll send you a review copy absolutely free upon request.


We think this can be a real help in getting your front line leaders on the path to greater success, and that reading a book like this achieves the objective all of us want to achieve; to get them into the learning mindset, thinking that problems can be solved; and to get them interested in practising these skills with peers in programs like FASTLEAD. In other words, it’s to get them developing as leaders every day which I’m sure you’ll agree means that it’s worth a look.



Contact us today and we’ll send you your evaluation copy!



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