Capability Frameworks

Defining what talent do you need

What makes a leader, in your organisation, consistently successful? What particular capabilities or competencies do they need to master, and then consistently deploy, to produce the results and outcomes required by the organisation?


Capability frameworks, sometimes known as competency frameworks or leadership models, describe in behavioural terms what it takes for a leader to be successful. Once documented and agreed inside an organisation, these frameworks become the building blocks of the leadership development journey. They are used for assessment and benchmarking, talent management, succession planning, sourcing, and to define group and individual development needs prior to designing leadership programs. Once capabilities have been agreed, the next step is to define performance levels (developing, competent, and strength) off the back of them. At HFL we call this a performance model.


HFL’s flexible and partnering approach allow us to offer two levels of service in this area:


If client leadership capability frameworks already exist and are up-to-date, we utilise these and build specific leadership performance models based on them.


If the organisation wishes to build a customised ‘success profile’ for various levels of leadership inside their organisation, we then partner with the organisation to rapidly build a customised leadership capability framework, and an associated performance model.


What’s special about HFL’s approach?


HFL believes that leadership frameworks are most effective when they are created by and, as a consequence, owned by the leaders in the organisation. HFL’s rapid development process engages senior leaders, discovers unique requirements, and also captures the special language of the organisation and industry.

Key insight: process must be rapid and inclusive.


HFL also believes that leadership frameworks need to be written in plain English; so that they become tools every leader willingly uses to refine and manage their own leadership performance, and those of leaders reporting to them.

Key insight: process and language drives leader buy-in.


HFL’s track record


The HFL team has been developing capability models for clients for 15 years. The ‘success profiles’ we develop for clients have multiple uses, and are fully documented. We validate content with people and culture teams, and with organisational leaders. Our project management team can handle complex logistics, and the size of our team means we can manage significant data capture exercises quickly, and using our HFL methodology, consistently.


Contact us to take a look at some of our frameworks, or ask us about our approach.


To read a more detailed article about the benefits of starting leadership development or talent management initiatives with a success profile, click here.



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