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Making it Real: Competency Based Simulation Exercises

One of HFL’s leadership development design principles is to ‘make it real’. We achieve this by using real plays or role plays which can be handcrafted for the client situation. To maintain remarkable value and professionalism, at a very low cost, we rely on the exceptional business and leadership simulations offered by our content partner, A&DC. These are also available for purchase by any client or consultancy, via HFL.


A&DC has developed an extensive range of more than 200 AC-EXS® exercises covering the scope of leadership levels and industry situations. These are competency-based, carefully constructed and well presented for trouble free administration and assessment.


HFL and our AC-EXS clients use these simulation exercises for:


•   Recruiting – Discover candidates who will learn faster, stay longer and generate more value for your business. HFL uses AC-EXS in client assessment centres to help identify the best hires - from graduates to senior executives.

•   Succession planning and fast tracking - In development centres, participants can be assessed for potential by exposing, say, middle managers to executive level exercises, in stretch simulations

•   Diagnose learning and development needs – Assess the fit of your people to their current role and predicted future roles, particularly for successful resourcing and management of rapid organisational change.

•   Coaching – HFL coaches use AC-EXS to help participants understand what capabilities are required at the next and further levels of leadership in their organisation.


HFL offers a flexible advisory and rapid order fulfilment service to all customers that place a high value on using the very best tools to discover the most talented people for their organisation.



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