3 key steps to building an effective Personal Growth Plan

A Roadmap for Success

Every professional should have a Personal Growth Plan (PGP). A good PGP is an extremely effective tool in ensuring that you can grow professionally and personally. It provides a yardstick that will enable you to measure your professional growth and an impetus to continued progress. This is beneficial both to you as an individual and to your organisation. Text

FASTLEAD@Genea - Cost effective and personally customisable - Why we chose FASTLEAD

Genea – a fertility pioneer - is passionate about making a difference for patients, and fostering a collaborative culture where people grow and thrive. In 2017, FASTLEAD was introduced to support 35 emerging and front line leaders gain the skills required to lead effectively within the business, and to encourage cross-collaboration.  Text

FASTLEAD@Dulux Group - Flexible, local, on topic and personal.

DuluxGroup had some very clear criteria for a frontline leadership program and FASTLEAD ticked all their boxes – practical, high impact, flexible, focussed on application. With a successful pilot in 2017 of 4 pods, they have implemented a further 14 further pods in 2018. Not only are participants learning new skills they have also found a surprising knock on benefit to the managers of participants. Text

Developing Subject Matter Experts - What is Expertship

We all understand what leadership is. It is the art and science of leading organisations and the teams of people within them. Leaders are people who inspire others, who set the agenda, who makes things happen. 

Our mission to help 10,000 subject matter experts: can you help?

Can you help us help 10,000 subject matter experts become much more valuable by adding more value to their organisations?
Here’s how we are attempting to do it:

The super development combo: coaching and mentoring

Executive coaching versus mentoring 
What’s the difference between mentoring and coaching? Can they work together? And what are the desperate downsides to poor mentoring program set up? Today’s best leadership development programs exploit both to accelerate the capabilities and careers of high potential employees. And importantly, increases the leadership brand of the mentors. Alistair Gordon explains how to get the settings right.  Text

Induction and Onboarding: is there a difference?

Yes, there is. HFL Principal Consultant  Maria Leske explains that while helping a client select external talent for a new role, the organisation was putting its significant investment at risk because it was failing to position the new hire for success. Text

It's time to kill off the Individual Development Plan

HFL works with more than a thousand leaders a year, and their experience – when it comes to IDPs – is astonishingly consistent. The vast majority find undertaking annual performance reviews, at best, uncomfortable and, at worst, phony or pointless. Text

Enabling better decision making through the provision of insight

Jo Manchester, the Human Resources and Performance Manager at Avant Mutual, tells LEADERSCAPE about an evidence-based insight raising initiative staged immediately following a restructure.  Text

Succession risk: New challenges require new techniques

Every organisation has pivotal roles – individuals who often make an impact well beyond their pay grade and tenure. These roles are increasingly complex which makes succession harder to plan and replacement an expensive and risky business. Text

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