Beyond psychometrics: using simulations in recruitment

Nearly two thirds of major companies in Australia and Asia Pacific use psychometrics in the hiring and development process as an indicator of candidate and participant competency. Less than 10 percent use simulations in recruitment. But those that do, make far fewer selection mistakes.


Psychometrics provide us with a greater understanding of the latent qualities in others, and at HFL we strongly advocate their use in recruitment and development. But they need to be administered professionally and with an eye to the possibility of results being manipulated by candidates who are familiar with these testing procedures.


If a candidate says s/he has advanced coaching skills, is good at driving results, and possesses the skills to inspire a team, we want them to prove it. HFL uses one-hour business simulations to objectively provide a demonstration of those skills. Most recruiters would not be surprised to learn that many candidates who can ‘talk a good talk’, can’t ‘walk the talk’.


In the fast-paced world of recruitment, no one has time to develop specific simulations for every role -and neither do we - so HFL deploys ready made, highly valid simulations from our international partner A&DC. Its suite of simulations – branded AC-EXS® – is brilliantly designed and easy to administer with excellent background briefings and competency matches.


HFL’s assessment team provides a free advisory service on which exercises to use.


Convincing clients to add business simulations into the recruitment process

Unfortunately, many clients still fail to consider the time and cost of letting go someone who fails in a role, and having to replace them. They need to be convinced of the value of a comprehensive recruitment process. They see simulations as being very expensive and time consuming to execute. But AC-EXS exercises overcome these objections.


Clients also believe sims will put off potential candidates if they insist on asking candidates to go through the ordeal of a role or situation play. HFL’s experience is exactly the opposite. The fact that the company is making such an effort to make sure they are hiring the right person is attractive to capable candidates. And an hour is simply the time they might spend on another interview.


Most important of all, if a candidate is put off by the prospect of a simulation, it tells you they are either uncomfortable with doing it or worried that their skills will not be up to scratch – and so not suitable for the position.


There is little downside in inserting an inexpensive, easy to administer business simulation into a recruitment cycle to make it more robust and effective.


If the only challenge is finding people to role play and assess the performance of the candidate, HFL is more than happy to either accredit your staff via a one day training program – that provides those who attend with a life long accreditation and skill - or provide its own assessors.


Want to know more? Contact us to make a time to talk to one of our consultants about AC-EXS or how we have helped clients insert sims into successful recruitment processes.





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