Assessment Centres

Benchmarking Current and Future Leadership Capability

HFL provides, as part of wider leadership development initiatives or as a stand-alone service,  the design and delivery of Assessment Centres. Assessment Centres (ACs) are, in essence, the same as Development Centres (DCs) but their difference lies in the purpose of the Centre. With ACs, the objective might be purely to assess, perhaps within a recruitment process, while with DCs, the purpose of the assessment is to provide data which can then aid in development activities.


One of HFL’s key principles is that in order to source talent and design and execute successful development programs, organisations need to do three things:


Define what success in role looks like through a behaviour-based capability or competency framework. HFL develops leadership frameworks for many of our clients at multiple levels in the organisation, often with the use of success profiles.


Benchmark existing and/or future leadership cohorts against the standards set in the capability framework. HFL’s favoured (preferred?) way of doing this is to use Assessment Centres.


Design and deliver development activities using benchmarking data acquired from assessment activities, to map development needs at both an individual and cohort level. This ensures that every development dollar is spent exactly where it is most needed.


HFL designs and delivers Assessment Centres for a wide range of functional and job roles with special expertise in the leadership space.


A critical success factor in HFL’s view with assessment, is to make sure the assessment produces actionable and embraced outcomes for the participant.


In order to ensure this is the case, HFL’s Assessment  Centres are innovatively designed using robust professional systems and processes to ensure that:


exactly the right behaviours are being assessed, against the relevant performance standard ;


assessment is completely uniform and consistent, so every leader is measured against the same standard;


reflection and feedback processes enable open and honest discussions with each participant about their strengths and development opportunities; and


the assessment stage is seen as the start of a journey, not an event in itself. We ensure that meaningful development plans, and the required organisational support are generated from the process and that there is a clear mandate for action.


In a typical year, HFL will execute between 200 to 300 assessment centres, from cohorts ranging from a high demand service for executive teams, to front line leaders who are leading for the first time. HFL also conducts sales leadership assessments for some clients, and team leadership assessments for those working in Contact Centres. This volume of leadership assessment positions HFL’s team to offer strong benchmarking insights to our clients. How does my executive team match up to others you have assessed? How do my potential general managers match up to other similar cohorts you have assessed?


The majority of Assessment Centres we design and execute for clients are custom built to address very specific organisational needs, for success now and in the future.


HFL regularly co-delivers Assessment Centres using internal HR staff, who have been accredited in the use of our systems, while some clients decide to take HFL’s design and deliver the Centres themselves using internal resources only.


HFL has many different ways to deliver Assessment Centres; ranging anywhere from a single simulation to a robust two-day design. Please contact us so we can share the various approaches and see which might be most suitable for your specific need.




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