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Six months after the launch of FASTLEAD – the small group coaching frontline leadership solution designed by HFL – we realised we’d made a mistake. We had imagined that running FASTLEAD pods – three frontline leaders and one leadership facilitator/coach – was easy.

Our early network was drawn from two groups – consultants who had facilitated lots of frontline leadership workshops, and consultants who were one to one executive coaches. The first group, predictably, were great at delivering the facilitation piece of each pod session – the content. And the second group were usually, but not always, good at delivering the coaching part. Quite a few of our initial group really struggled to do both well. And some of our executive coaches were simply not well enough versed in the challenges facing modern frontline leaders – those who have to lead and produce, and do more with less every year – to establish rapport and credibility with the participants.

So we went back to basics and developed a program for our own people. Now all FASTLEAD coaches must pass a thorough two-day accreditation. We have, as a consequence of several accreditation programs, a region-wide highly qualified network of FASTLEAD coaches.

Certainty that you have the best coaches for your program

The FASTLEAD accreditation program covers:

  • Current research about the challenges and environment in which frontline leaders operate
  • Detailed overview of the FASTLEAD topics - some of which are unique to HFL’s offering [e.g., “Managing Up”?
  • A deep dive into the principles of small group coaching which are substantially different, and it might be argued more difficult, than one-to-one coaching
  • Extensive practice and debrief to hone skills – and past the tests
  • All of the moving parts that comprise a FASTLEAD program – the learning portal, manager checks, the diagnostic tools, and the feedback loops.

You can read about the Eight Principles of Small Group Coaching here.

For information about our accreditation program, contact us.

Thinking of deploying a small group coaching solution internally using internal resources? Talk to us about how we can help you with the experience we have to accredit your internal resources to achieve an excellent outcome.



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