Re-branding of K-Leader to Expertship

PRESS RELEASE - SYDNEY, 1 November 2017

HFL, the creators of K-LEADER, the development program for subject matter experts, have announced that they have retired the brand as of 31 October 2017. From November 2017, the flagship expertship program will be re-badged as MASTERING EXPERTSHIP.

“Feedback from clients and participants has been that the K-LEADER brand was confusing,” explained Alistair Gordon, the CEO of HFL. “The K stood for “knowledge”, but we’ve had to explain this to everyone. The ‘leader” component was aimed at explaining that subject matter experts lead through their knowledge and expertise, but we found many potential participants were put off the program because they didn’t want to attend another “leadership program”.  

The positioning of the development program is now clear: 
• HFL runs leadership programs for people leaders 
• HFL runs expertship programs for subject matter experts.

Dominic Johnson, co-creator of the original K-LEADER program, said HFL had had some push back about the change from past participants. “Once these experts had attended the program, they understood the positioning and concept of knowledge leadership, and indeed warmly embraced the K-LEADER brand.” But Johnson added that the focus for any development brand is to attract the right participants, for the right reasons, and for this to be simple and clear. “Our testing with potential participants was that expertship was easy to understand, requires little or no explanation, and is a more compelling value proposition.” 

HFL report that internal HR executives were also reporting that the “expertship” positioning was easier to explain and sell to their subject matter experts. 

November has largest participant numbers ever. 

In November, FOUR Mastering Expertship programs will be run – two in Sydney, one in Melbourne, and one – for the first time – in Adelaide. “We will have the most participants ever in a month, and the most organisations participating ever,” said Gordon. “Many organisations are realising that an expertship program is exactly what they have been looking for to engage, retain and grow their high value subject matter experts.” 

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Leadership is about helping people leaders lead their people better. It is a well know, much discussed and accepted term. 

Expertship is new. Expertship is about helping subject matter experts be the best expert they can be. Few experts believe they are contributing the maximum value they could to their organisation, but are frustrated at not being able to be add extra value. HFL’s expertship programs help them move up the value chain, help them build win-win relationships with their stakeholders, and build enhanced influencing skills. In short, the flagship program now called Mastering Expertship, helps subject matter experts add greater value, further engage with their organisations, and hone their skills to the highest level. 


HFL Leadership is a specialist leadership firm which helps leaders lead better. Operating across the Asia Pacific, the 25-year old firm has established a reputation for quality leadership development outcomes, and an innovating approach to program design. HFL has established a new design for front line leadership development called FASTLEAD (based on coaching pods). Most recently, it has coined the term expertship, and is adding value to subject matter experts across a wide range of specialist domains, including IT, legal, HR, engineering, science, finance, customer excellence and marketing. Previously marketed as K-LEADER, the flagship program now operates under the brand of MASTERING EXPERTSHIP.

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